I have limited availabily for one-to-one lessons and times vary throughout the term(s). Please do get in touch using the contact form if you are interested.

Lessons take place at my home studio in Oxford and now, online (Zoom, Skype).

The Estill Model underpins all of the voice work I do with my students.

I also draw on many years of experience onstage, my choral and classical singing training, over 3 years of Meisner acting training, my knowledge of body mapping, and the work of practioners such as Betsy Polatin, Cicely Barry, Kristin Linklater, and Barbara Houseman.

I have some experience playing piano, and do so in lessons, but for running through repertoire I prefer to be able to listen carefully to my students while they work. Very good backing tracks are widely available and can be used in both lessons and practice to help maintain a consistant and polished performance. In addition, I can recommend a number of very experienced accompanists who I work with regularly.


As a qualified Estill Master Trainer, I can (alongside your Estill mentor) help you prepare for your EFP or EMT voiceprint exam.

I am also available to run focused practice groups for anyone who has done the Level I or II course and wants to continue working on figures and voice qualities.

For those looking for a comprehensive introduction to the model, I am qualified to lead an Estill Introductory Workshop (half or full day).

Please get in touch via the contact form if you are interested in booking an Estill workshop, Practice Group or Coaching Session.


I am very happy to put together a workshop (alone or with a team of professionals) tailored to your vocal and/or performance needs!

Recent workshops include:

YogaVenue (voice for teaching)

MYCO (musical theatre)

WOPA (musical theatre/panto)

Wox Vox (community choir)

The Rivers (contemporary choir)

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